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ARCHITECT@WORK Canada is set for the best edition ever!

12 November 2019

Never before has ARCHITECT@WORK Canada received so much interest from the manufacturing and dealer industry. Exhibitors are lining up at a speed our team has never witnessed before.

Professional associations are very keen on soliciting speaker opportunities. Signs that the 2020 edition is bound to break all records!

Be part of this unique event on April 1 & 2, 2020 at the Enercare Centre, downtown Toronto.


Once a year in April the A&D industry converges at ARCHITECT@WORK Canada in Toronto to discover new innovations, connect with peers and attend interesting and relevant accredited seminars.

This year ARCHITECT@WORK will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, April 1 & 2, 2020.

Once again, it will be held at the Enercare Centre on the Canadian National Exhibition Grounds, downtown Toronto.

Now in its fourth consecutive year, ARCHITECT@WORK Canada brings together leading industry suppliers from North America and Europe. Exhibitors participate in order to showcase their innovations and have quality face time with a highly sought-after audience of Canadian Architects, Specifiers and Interior Designers. It is expected that over 300 products will be showcased to 2,200 A&D visitors.

Unique to this event is that all exhibitors are subject to approval by a judging panel consisting of Canadian architects and interior designers. This process ensures that the exhibitors stay true to the Show’s mandated platform of presenting innovations.


The founding principle of the Show is based on connecting decision makers from leading architect and interior design firms to the most innovative products available in this sector. As a result, attendees have the opportunity to discuss their needs, meet people behind key companies and to get answers and solutions to their design problems. For exhibitors, it
is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to market products to decision-makers in the Canadian Architecture and Design community.


Our exhibitors have a lot of great things to say about their experience at ARCHITECT@WORK:

“One of the unique experiences of ARCHITECT@WORK is that you have the opportunity to take the time with the attendees.”
“It is not like a traditional trade show where it’s all about how much you spend and how big the booth is, it actually comes down to how good the product is, the experience of the show has been excellent”.
“The great one on one experience is receiving really technical information while seeing products, feeling products and making new relationships”.
“The booth lay-out is amazing, we love how open the booths are, it is really inviting and no one feels trapped, it’s a captive audience you are encouraged to interact with, the environment is really beneficial for exhibitors”
“It’s more intimate, it’s more warm, you don’t have people just walking in to just look at things, like a shopping mall”
“It’s an exclusive event, we’ve seen Industry players, Architects and Interior Designers, it’s a trade show you can actually see, this is the reality, most trade shows are so large and grand you can’t spend enough time to learn from each booth, this is a show you actually can”.
“The show has matured and is growing, we can see it in the quantity and quality of leads”.


For our testimonial video please view: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhDWNNh6TIM
For media materials (press releases – pictures) please visit our website and register on our dedicated press page. For all other media inquiries please send your request to annelaurevandeginste@architectatwork.com.


Social media:
Facebook: @ATWCA #ATWCA
Instagram: architect_at_work #ATWCA

With its Headquarter in Kortrijk, Belgium, ARCHITECT@WORK has for over sixteen years established itself as a premier business to business event. ARCHITECT@WORK is an unique trade event designed for A&D professionals by architects. The booth concept and floor plan was created by design collective, C4 -Creative Fo(u)r. Today ARCHITECT@WORK is present in 15 countries with 30 editions and is recognized as a leading B2B event for Architects, Specifiers and Interior Designers.

For further information, please contact Anne-Laure Van de Ginste at annelaurevandeginste@architectatwork.com or by telephone at +1 647 945 9661.


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