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The 100th edition of ARCHITECT@WORK and where it all started

1 August 2019

On Thursday the 9th and Friday the 10th of May 2019, a celebration was held at Kortrijk Xpo, the Headquarters of ARCHITECT@WORK. It was in the Belgian hometown of Kortrijk, that the hundredth edition took place of this total concept that has spreads its wings across Europe and beyond.


100th edition breaks all records

Many eagerly awaited the outcome of this party edition, and the end result exceeded the wildest expectations. Especially during the first day, a phenomenal increase was recorded: +17.5% compared to the previous edition in Kortrijk Xpo two years prior. An "all-time" record was established with 6,017 unique visitors.

"Our target audience, in particular: architects and interior designers, were present en masse. They appreciated the total concept that is ARCHITECT@WORK, where the focus is on offering only new and innovative products in an environment that encourages face to face interaction," says Group Exhibition Manager Nathalie Sandra.



Special press presentation

The fact that the hundredth ARCHITECT@WORK took place exactly where it all started, was a lovely coincidence. The party edition demanded a special press presentation. It took place in the first autonomous bio-ecological greenhouse in Belgium, pioneered by architect Koen Vandewalle from KASECO. The family home of timber frame construction is surrounded by a conservatory structure. This double skin creates a microclimate around the living and office space. The greenhouse home provides its own water, gas and electricity and operates completely autonomously. It is made from bio-ecological, renewable and recyclable materials, making this daring feat the epitome of the cradle-to-cradle principle and the circular economy.



Inspiring seminars

The event featured internationally renowned speakers at ARCHITECT@WORK. Trend watcher Herman Konings talked about the consumer who in digital times increasingly reverts to the physical, the analogue. About the relocation of city people to the rural and suburban areas and its impact on the environment. About the collaborative mindset of millennials compared to the competitive one of baby boomers. And, of course, about how all these trends apply to the world of architecture. "It is a story of urbi et urbis, “of the city and for the city," explains Konings. "The city becomes the innovation lab of the world, with nature as an inspiration for innovation. Biophilia is also on the increase in the construction industry: we apply the knowledge of centuries of natural evolution to existing techniques and products."




This year, Architect@Work will be in Oslo for the first time and there will be additional locations in Germany, France, Spain and Italy. From 2020, there will also be an extra edition in Belgium. ARCHITECT@WORK will visit the "Tour & Taxis" exhibition centre in Brussels every two years. The success story extends beyond Europe. For the fourth time, ARCHITECT@WORK Toronto will take place at the "Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place".




The 100th edition of ARCHITECT@WORK and where it all started
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