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Stopping moisture at the door

17 November 2021

When climate change brings more rain to your door, you’ll want one that doesn’t rot or rust.

Think of Norway, and chances are you picture beautiful fiords and pine-covered mountains. But there is also rain and snow—lots of it. The country’s Atlantic coastline is one of the wettest non-tropic areas in the world. That is one reason why, in the north-western town of Surnadal, door manufacturer Kvanne Industrier (KIAS) is committed to doors that keep out moisture, whether due to extreme winter conditions, or inside hard-wearing environments that need to keep moisture in check.


The KIAS doors come in several different sizes, colours and designs. © Photo: Kvanne Industrier


Available in various surfaces, colours, frame designs and measurements, KIAS doors are made from glass fibre reinforced plastic panels, filled with PUR or mineral wool, and framed by Norwegian aluminum. Hinges and locksets are made from compatible rust-free quality steels.


Together this makes for a highly sustainable product that can outlast doors made of wood or other materials that are susceptible to rusting or weakening under extreme conditions.



KIAS doors keep the rain and snow outside in this public restroom located in a mountainous part of the country.
© Photo: Kvanne Industrier


Kvanne Industrier is so confident about their doors’ durability that they offer a 30-year guarantee against moisture and rot damage. Their doors are easy to keep hygienic and require virtually no maintenance. When a KIAS door reaches the end of its lifetime, the manufacturer offers a return service for its customers. Old KIAS doors are either reused, recycled or disposed of, with minimal impact to the environment.


Typically, you can find KIAS doors in demanding environments, like sports facilities, commercial kitchens, hospitals, land and sea farms, and food industry buildings. But even hotels and office builders are now installing them as ideal options for bathrooms and other rough areas, wet or otherwise.


A new public swimming pool in Bærum sports KIAS doors.
© Photo: Bygg.no

Written by Henning Prytz Poulsen / Pressenytt


Stopping moisture at the door
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