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Solar Cladding Pushes the Limits of Versatility

21 April 2021

Building façade using Mitrex solar technology on the cladding and railing


For decades, solar power harvesting has been admired for its enormous alternative-energy potential but hampered by its high cost and bulky design. Technology has eliminated those obstacles in recent years, paving the way for photovoltaics to move off rooftops and become an exciting new option for cladding entire buildings.


High-rise showcasing Mitrex Solar Cladding and Glass



Mitrex, a leader in solar building products, has invested in a brighter green future with its fully integrated photovoltaic siding. One of the most striking features is its aesthetic flexibility. The building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) system is customizable to any desired angle or size. It can also visually mimic most traditional exterior materials, including wood, brick or granite.


For a recent residential high-rise development in Toronto, the architects worked with Mitrex’s consultants and engineers in selecting two distinctly high-end tones of granite (Angola) and limestone (Moscato). From a passersby’s perspective, the building’s stone-like facing will show no outward signs it is generating energy from the sun, or that it is providing a significant return on investment with its energy efficiency.


Mitrex Solar Cladding facings Angola

Mitrex Solar Cladding facings Moscato



With its lightweight construction, there are very few limits to how Mitrex solar cladding can be used. Each photovoltaic panel is made from tempered glass and coated with a customizable ceramic facing, concealing the blue hue of solar cells. This innovative treatment creates a durable, fade-resistant surface that is also self-cleaning, which means your cladding is virtually maintenance-free.


Mitrex cladding panel with seamlessly integrated solar cells




Solar Cladding Pushes the Limits of Versatility
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