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Go minimal with glass barriers and partition walls

24 March 2021

Colcom’s Fluido 150+ sliding system with a P20 partitioning channel


Technology in glass processing has made the once fragile building material an option for every type of architectural project, from shower enclosures to structural exterior facades. Colcom has played a significant role in that evolution. Manufacturing since 1962, the Italian company has invested in research and development to ensure its engineered glass and hardware components are both functional and beautiful at any scale. 


Fluido 150+ Double Door Sliding System with P20 channel

Among its latest sliding door systems is Fluido+ 150. Using tempered glass, the system is well suited for installation on interior walls, ceilings and false ceilings. Its mechanisms are designed with a minimalist aesthetic in mind, allowing the beauty of the glass to shine. The result is clean and elegant glazing that provides privacy and security without blocking out the light.


Sabco balustrade system and Sadev point fixed glass walls

Another area of growth in the glass market is balustrades. Colcom recently increased its product range by acquiring the French company Sadev, which specializes in the design, development and production of external fixing systems, including glass barriers. The Sabco railing system has become one its most popular products with its barely visible hardware suited to almost any architectural style. Its high-performance quality accommodates glass thicknesses between 12mm monolithic and 12.12 laminates, making it an ideal choice for balconies, terraces, stairs and stadiums.