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Meet QuadCore Technology: The next generation in fire and thermal insulation

8 December 2020

Kingspan’s latest technology is engineered to maximize on the resilency of cladding. Photo: CKP Studio


In an era of rapidly changing natural systems, the need to protect our built environments against elements such as heat, wind and fire has never been greater. Which is why Kingspan, a global leader in building envelope solutions, has invested in technology-advanced cladding insulation that not only meets the highest fire code standards it surpasses them.




QuadCore’s microcellular core complies with Canadian surface burning standards.


QuadCore is the first closed-cell panel insulation in the world to achieve FM 4882 Certification, which means it has a higher ignition point and releases less smoke and heat – performance attributes that make metal panels that feature QuadCore far superior to most other insulated metal panel systems. The technology has been tested in Canada and is fully compliant with ULC-S102 surface burning standards. In addition, its microcellular core improves thermal performance by up to 60% when compared to other polyurethane insulation foam, and without adding width.


The Holiday Inn in Panama City, Florida, offers an intriguing example of the insulation’s multiple benefits. In 2018, Hurricane Michael, a category 5 storm, blew through the panhandle region, impacting and destroying all types of buildings including the hotel, which was knocked out of plumb; its exterior stucco shredded by 150 mph gusts of wind and rain.


Panama City’s Holiday Inn was rebuilt with QuadCore-integrated cladding to protect against future hurricanes.


Nine months later, it was reconstructed to include Kingspan’s Benchmark Designwall 4000 panels integrated with QuadCore Technology. “In order to meet the code for thermal resistance, we would have had to use a three- or four-inch standard panel,” said Joseph Sorci, principal architect and president at Florida Architects, who designed the Holiday Inn rebuild. “Using QuadCore allowed us to use a two-inch panel and go beyond code, without adding any additional insulation. The extra level of fire protection was an added bonus.”


Benchmark Designwall 4000 panels ensure the hotel remains safe and standing no matter the weather.

Now, if the hotel is hit by another category 5 hurricane, it isn’t likely to be a catastrophic event. In fact, Kingspan has put its weight behind its science and testing with a 30-year warranty guarantee.




Meet QuadCore Technology: The next generation in fire and thermal insulation
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