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High-performance surfacing for your next kitchen remodel

8 December 2020

Formica, the pioneering surface company, has expanded its offerings in Canada as the new manufacturer and distributor of the Italian brand FENIX, one of the most beautiful finishes for countertops and cabinetry ever invented.


Tough and as it is beautiful, FENIX is ideal for every kitchen element, including drawer interiors.


It is hard to resist running your hand across a FENIX countertop. Its elegant matte finish and opaque colour saturation beg to be touched and admired. But the inner beauty of FENIX is just as appealing as a surfacing option that is resistant to scuff marks and fingerprints.


Its matte finish complements most other popular surfaces, including wood and concrete.


Its unique qualities are due to micro-technology developed in 2013 by Arpa Industriale of Italy. Through a series of manufacturing stages that include hardening layers of coatings and next-generation acrylic resins the laminate is cured using an electron beam process. The final finish, when viewed under a microscope, reveals a textured landscape of peaks and troughs. That unevenness helps diffuse light, making the surface opaque and gloss-free. It also allows dust and water to slide away.


FENIX is well suited for achieving a modern, minimalist look.


Its non-porous external layer is a key reasons why FENIX is so well suited for busy environments like kitchens, where spills and scratches are a regular occurrence. Its surface is resistant to abrasion and those persistent fingerprint smudges, while thermal healing properties enable it to mend superficial micro-scratches on its own. Countertops and cabinetry can be kept clean with typical, everyday care and without risk of damage from acid-based solvents or household products.


With a non-porous exterior layer, it is easy to clean.


Available in four thicknesses, from 0.7 millimetres up to 12 millimetres, there is no shortage of creative options. FENIX offers 27 colourways in a range of neutrals, solids and metallics, making it ideal for pairing with other popular materials, such as wood, glass, metal and stone.



High-performance surfacing for your next kitchen remodel
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