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Ageing-in-place gets a dramatic lift

20 October 2020

Savaria’s transparent residential elevator can’t help but impress.


A recent report by Mustel Group and Sotheby’s International Realty Canada found that 86% of older adult homeowners aim to live in their current homes for as long as possible. To do that, many will have to change their interior spaces to accommodate age-related physical challenges like stairs. Does that mean installing functional but boring-looking lifts and ramps to empower mobility? Not necessarily.


Glass or acrylic construction ensures unobstructed views inside and out.


Reconciling the desire to age-in-place with contemporary aesthetics is one of the goals behind the Savaria Vuelift panoramic residential elevator. Its all-in-one design features an integrated glass or acrylic hoistway with matching cab and landing doors and a powder-coated steel frame. It combines striking aesthetics with the ability to skip the stairs.

That integrated hoistway also offers a new kind of flexibility when placing the elevator in a floorplan. Whether it is located in the middle of a room, attached to a mezzanine or at the center of a spiral staircase, no shaftway construction is required.


Installation is quick once electricity and a phone line are in place.


Perhaps that’s why the Vuelift has been installed in all types of residential environment, from country manors to urban townhomes, and from ski chalets to penthouses. Available in UV-resistant glass or clear acrylic to allow natural light to shine through, the clarity means 360-degree views inside and out. Customizable frame colours can also be used to complement other interior elements.

The Vuelift family offers six base models with a capacity of up to 950lb (432Kg), including octagonal, round and the 50-inch-diameter Vuelift mini.


Models include both round and octagonal profiles.


And its function follows form. Vuelift is driven by an energy-efficient winding drum drive train system and is in compliance with ASME A17.1/CSA B44 code safety criteria.  The over-50 demographic shouldn’t have to compromise style for mobility. Now it doesn’t have to.





Ageing-in-place gets a dramatic lift
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