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How Cool is Your View?

8 September 2020

CoolVu is the world’s first patented climate-responsive window film

Window films that protect against harmful UV rays have been on the market for a while. CoolVu takes things a step further, as the world’s first patented window film that transitions with the sun, helping to cut down on heat gain and reduce uncomfortable interior temperature fluctuations.


The Polychromatic technology was originally invented at the Corning laboratories in New York in the 1960s. It wasn’t until the 1990s that it moved into the consumer market, big time, with the release of transitions, which turn eyewear and into sunglasses in just a few minutes.


The original Polychromatic technology is best known for its application to transitional lenses that hit the market in the 1990s.

The prospect of applying that fashion trend to windows has floated around ever since, yet never landed on a reliable, patentable formula. That changed in 2019, when CoolVu, based in Atlanta, Georgia, developed a manufacturing process that allows window film to darken and lighten in sync with the sun. 


Unlike eyewear lenses, which respond to temperature, CoolVu reacts to UV intensity. The film is comprised of ceramic coatings that provide heat blockers capable of reducing infrared heat gain by up to 80%. Its VLT, visible light transmission, or tinting, ranges from 35% to 70%, with noon-day sunlight teasing out the darkest shade. Like polar-lenses, the shift from light to dark is barely visible. Among the benefits of a self-adjusting window film – besides saving energy and reducing solar damage – is not having to close the blinds and block views during the day.

The film’s shift from light to dark is barely visible to the naked eye.


Tekton in Guelph, Ontario, a distributor of various films designed for car windows, has brought CoolVu to the Canadian market, and its first big client, Rexall, is adding CoolVu to existing stores in Ontario and Manitoba. Tekton’s goal is to retrofit Toronto’s abundant glass towers and for condominium architects to consider CoolVu earlier on in the construction process. Representative Frank Cavallo estimates that installing CoolVu is an investment that, on average, can be recouped within three to five years.



CoolVu is installed professionally to ensure air bubbles or dust are not accidentally captured.





How Cool is Your View?
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