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Nature’s Seduction

14 July 2020

From the series Dekton Liquid Sky. Photo by Alberto Rojas



When it comes to innovative surfacing, Cosentino is in its element. But state-of-the art technology isn’t everything. Each year, the Spanish manufacturer presents new colour collections to give architects even more options.


Dekton Liquid designers Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham of Patternity. Photo by Alberto Rojas


In 2020, Cosentino worked in close collaboration with renowned design studios to develop four unique collections. Among them is the Dekton Liquid series, created by Patternity. With natural beauty, environmental awareness and sustainable design in mind, the London studio’s co-designers Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham developed three colour variations: the pearl-like Liquid Shell, charcoal-inspired Liquid Embers, and the marbled Liquid Sky. Each understated hue reflects a growing trend in drawing from natural motifs for inspiration.



Baltic from the series Dekton Chromica


Furniture and interior designer Daniel Germani was invited to develop Dekton Chromica, a series of matte-finished surfaces available in two colourways, which also derive from nature, though on the wilder side. Baltic offers the intense blue of the Mediterranean, while the dark green of Feroe evokes associations with forest primeval. Both are dramatic and bound to give any project a sense of deep character.



Laurent from the Dekton Avant-Garde ’20 Collection


The three colour shades from Avant-Garde ’20 – Laurent, Helena and Khalo – are based on different types of natural stone from specific locations: in the case of Laurent, it is Port Laurent, whose surface texture plays with shades and nuances. It is also embedded with unique gold veins for an added layer of sophistication. The white-grey onyx of Helena radiates a crackled effect, while Khalo’s inspiration is Patagonia Granite, one of the world’s most sought-after stones.


Milar, one of seven hues in the Dekton Portfolio ’20 series


With a range of seven colour options, Portfolio 20 brings everyday richness to any project. Aeris and Sasea both offer tonal variations on the creaminess of limestone, while Eter and Rem provide deeper hues of black-grey and brown-grey-gold. At the same time, Kovik is a timeless shade of soft grey. For more expressive options, consider Bromo, which mimics the dark blue of slate, or Milar’s more urban look of oxidised metal.




Copyright for all images: © Cosentino

Nature’s Seduction
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