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What’s old is new again, and few things are as old as brick

14 July 2020

The ancient material has always been a popular choice for residential homes. But bricks aren’t what they used to be. Advanced technology has made clay masonry much lighter, thinner and applicable to almost any surface, which is why it is turning up more and more as an exterior option for towers.

Kreitmaker, a Toronto supplier of brick, block and stone, carries exclusive collections sourced from Spain, Italy and Turkey, where masonry technology and product styles are at the leading edge. Italy’s S’Antanselmo, for instance, offers glazed bricks in a host of pop colours including yellow, turquoise and red. Mora Ceramica of Spain, meanwhile, produces sleek white, grey and black bricks that are a beautiful compliment to glass and steel.


Kreitmaker of Toronto carries exclusive lines of brick from Spain, Italy Turkey and Poland. Photo © Kreitmaker


According to Kreitmaker general manager Chris Cameron, some of the most advanced bricks are produced by King Klinker of Poland, which uses an extrusion technology to ensure they are water tight. Micro-capillaries throughout the surface enable the moisture to vaporize before causing damage, even in extreme weather conditions.



King Klinker of Poland makes some of the most technically advanced bricks in the world. Photo © King Klinker


With durability and versatility there is a renewed interest in the exploiting material’s inherent warmth, too. One of the most-anticipated projects to open in Toronto later this year is the Ace Hotel. Designed by Shim Sutcliffe, the 12-storey building at 51 Camden Street will feature brick facades: a tribute to the neighbourhood’s original character, when the streets were lined with warehouses built from brick.



When completed, Ace Hotel Toronto will feature brick cladding to echo the neighbourbood’s original masonry-built warehouses. Photo © Zinc Developments




Copyright for all images: © Kreitmaker


What’s old is new again, and few things are as old as brick
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