Carpeting for design thinkers

20 October 2020

Balsan carpet tiles and planks match durability with beauty.

French flooring company Balsan has been in the textile industry for over three centuries. In fact, Louis Balsan first introduced tufting to France in the early 20th century, a technique now used by textile flooring manufacturers worldwide.


Based in the Berry region, the company has earned its reputation for expressive, colourful broadloom. But it also offers flooring in more subdued palettes well suited for busy environments such as offices. The latest is Grey Matter, a line of carpet tiles and planks in white, grey and black tones.

Stimuli is among the newest patterns inspired by creative thinking.

The collection’s eight patterns, made up of dots, lines and dashes, were inspired by the idea of visually mapping out the kind of creative energy needed in a work environment where making connections is key to sparking new ideas.


Grey Matter is “smart” in other ways, too. Its long-lasting durability is thanks to CYP-Colorpoint technology, while solution-dyed EqoBalance nylon make it easy to clean, and it prevents ageing and fading caused by UV exposure.

Matrix echoes the geometrics of Thomas Heatherwick’s Vessel sculpture in New York’s Hudson Yard.

Eco-design has been a big part of Balsan for years. Its countryside factory has continually been acknowledged for exceeding standards that environmentally protect its agricultural surroundings. Its manufacturing process also follow a circular-economy model, employing green technology, renewable energy and repurposing materials, including nylon that has been retrieved from old fishing nets. And since 2013, Balsan has proudly repurposed 100% of its industrial waste. Balsan products are available in North America through Peerless Contract.

All Balsan carpets are made using green technology. 

Carpeting for design thinkers
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