APRIL 28 & 29, 2021


How our manufacturing exhibitors are selected

20 February 2020

To ensure visitors are discovering products, materials and services at the leading edge of innovation, ARCHITECT@WORK invites a panel of local experts to pre-jury exhibitor submissions, as a measure of quality control and relevance. Only products that have been on the market for less than two years are featured, and the focus is squarely on innovation. Not all advancements are apparent on the surface, so exhibitors bring knowledgeable staff who are ready to exchange insider know-how on the technical, aesthetic and compositional uniqueness of their products. Many thanks to our pre-jury panel: Maria Denegri, founding partner of Denegri Bessai Studio; ARIDO President Lucia Toffoli De Biasio, and former ARIDO President Theo West-Parks of Westpark + Associates. You have helped make ARCHITECT@WORK Canada a must-see among your peers and colleagues.

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