APRIL 11 & 12, 2018

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Wayfinding with a Twist

There isn’t a commercial building; office, hospitality or residential that doesn’t use some sort of wayfinding. Our approach is to add an artist edge to what can be very institutional in its look and approach. Adding some eye-catching artwork can instantly engage and bring it to life.

Wall graphics with added three-dimensional elements can be a creative way to approach bringing a flat surface to the next level. Art added to either the background or to the 3D pieces themselves draws the eye in and makes you want to gravitate towards the wall. The patterns can be as complex as you like or a clean simple visually interactive design, like geometric spaces.

Creating the optical illusion is another way to draw the viewer in. Blades hanging perpendicular to the wall, carrying two messages, are seen differently from either perspective as you approach them. Add into the mix a logo placed between the blades and as you approach the piece head-on you see yet another piece of art.


Working Art Panels

A large open expanse of spaces, wall or floor, can be overwhelming and boring! Breaking a space with interesting panels, with a design or print on it, can up-lift a space as well as help create more intimate areas. The panels help draw in the eye and defines the space.

Peg-board need not be unattractive and can be used in innovative and interesting ways. There is no need to stick to the traditional forms, blending and manipulating substrates can yield unconventional and unique results. Mixing materials or adding pops of colour are ways to add to the result.

Using a Peg-board type design allows the addition of pegs for hanging and support. The addition of shelves or cube, rectangular or square, take the panel from the decorative to a functional piece that can be used in a number of applications; hospitality, office or retail. The panels can also be illuminated from either the interior or backlit, either option makes the piece even more eye popping.

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