APRIL 11 & 12, 2018

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TSA - The Art of Leadership in Project Management

Ahmad-Shah Duranai is an Architect, Project Manager, Leadership and Communications Coach, Master Trainer of Verbal Aikido and Author of 2 Book with over 30 years Experience in Architecture and Project Management with Several Canadian and International Consulting Firms working on large scale and iconic projects in Canada, USA and The Middle East.

Project Management is a combination of science, technology & art where processes, systems, tasks & people work together for common goals in changing environment. Most progress in technology has improved our ability to deal with all other components of PM except the people. The Art of Leadership in PM deals with people & team dynamics addressing the soft skills of leading high performing teams. The presentation summarizes the current body of PM knowledge & describes a soft skills toolkit called by its acronym iSACK TVA. It is a learning experience that will give attendees new perspective on the people aspect of PM. Presentation will be followed by Q & A for interested attendees.


This seminar is approved by the OAA and is eligible for 2.0 Structured learning hours.

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