APRIL 28 & 29, 2021

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The Rules of Engagement: Moving from Climate Crisis to Climate Stability

First, we talked about climate change. Then, as panic set in, we talked about the climate crisis. Now, as architects, we must work toward climate stability!

While there are leaders in our profession on this front, we must move from environmental expertise being a specialty field to a basic, standard skill set for all architects. This requires education—not only for ourselves, but also the public. By better informing clients, architects can nurture them to understand the importance of resilient, sustainable design and push our buildings further.

Fortunately, the tools are available.


Kathleen Kurtin, OAA, FRAIC

Kathleen Kurtin is President of the Ontario Association of Architects. Her independent practice specialized in renovation within Toronto’s downtown core, and she also served as Chief Architect and Director of Design for Scotiabank, leading a group of architects and designers in the development of the bank’s real estate portfolio, both domestic and international. Kurtin became OAA President in January 2019, and has chaired the Association’s Practice and Interns Committees as well as its Policy Advocacy Coordination Team (PACT) and Sustainable Built Environment Committee (SBEC).


Agata Z. Mancini, OAA

Agata Z. Mancini is the founding principal of the architectural practice, Assembled Light Inc, focusing on custom residential design. The Ontario Association of Architects’ first-ever Vice President Education, she is passionate about getting architecture education into the school system.  She is a member of the Association’s Comprehensive Education Committee as well as the Hamilton/Burlington Society of Architects.




Qualified for 1 self-reported unstructured learning hour (OAA Continuing Education)

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