APRIL 1 & 2, 2020

Features and Seminars - April 2019

Experience the Sound. Feel the Silence. – An overview of acoustics from design through construction

OAA Continuing Education: Attendees will receive a certificate for 1 structured learning hour.

This presentation will be application focused and provide an overall and comprehensive review of acoustical design. Participants will gain an understanding of the fundamental factors that affect acoustical design. These fundamentals will quickly build into applications and case studies and examples of acoustic design principles in practical terms. Case studies will include acoustics in office fit-outs, studios, learning spaces and performing arts. The later portion of the presentation will focus on how we implement the acoustical design in construction and how important the actual construction and the attention to details are key to the success of any project. Typical construction issues that we have seen over the years, such as bridging of isolated wall assemblies, will also be discussed.

Steve Titus, President & CEO of Aercoustics
Steve Titus brings more than a decade of experience to his role as President & CEO of Aercoustics Engineering Limited. Steve leads a team of acoustical engineers that provide a broad range of services worldwide at Aercoustics, a privately-held firm that specializes in fostering innovation in acoustics, vibration and noise control.

Over his career, Steve has been responsible for the acoustical design and delivery of many high-profile projects such as the new Maison Radio-Canada, Sick Kids Research Tower, Corus Quay, St. Lawrence Market North Redevelopment, and the award-winning Thunder Bay Consolidated Courthouse.

Every project has presented its own acoustical challenges and he is dedicated to finding straightforward solutions. For example, the Thunder Bay Courthouse needed to create an environment that respected the natural voice in a building constructed with steel.

In addition to his technical expertise, Steve is passionate about leading the business. He has been responsible for many changes and business process improvement initiatives at Aercoustics. His approach to change initiatives has been to develop simple to use and simple to implement processes, to ensure buy-in and successful deployment.

Outside of the office, he is the Co-Chair Executive Committee for Canstruction Toronto, sits on the Finance and Audit Committee for the Consulting Engineers of Ontario, and he sat on the executive committee for the Society of Design Administration (SDA) of Canada from 2012 to 2016. Steve holds a B.A. Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto. He lives in Toronto with his wife – who is also an engineer – and daughter.

Kiyoshi Kuroiwa, P.Eng Senior Engineer and Lead Contract Administrator
Kiyoshi has a weakness for the details. Over the past decade, Kiyoshi has helped develop, with painstaking rigor, acoustic details and specifications to ensure that the contract documents accurately represent the acoustical design. During the construction progress, it became apparent that contractors and sub-trades do not always fully understand the nature of acoustics, noise control and vibration control. Pulling off acoustic success is a multi-disciplinary effort with any one discipline or contractor playing a make-or-break role.

As the head of Aercoustics dedicated Contract Administration department, Kiyoshi has developed site review methodologies and contract interpretation, all while ensuring that the original acoustical design intent is adhered to. Kiyoshi’s collaborative approach of education and interpretation is highly sought after to ensure everyone is on the same beat. In addition to contract administration, Kiyoshi has years of experience on the design side, giving him a unique insight into the challenges of integrating design components into construction.

Some of Kiyoshi’s career highlights include the new Maison Radio-Canada in Montreal, QC, Manitoba Hydro Place, BMO Theatre Centre, Toronto Centre for the Arts – Lyric and Greenwin Theatres, Ismaili Centre, and Aga Khan Museum. 

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