APRIL 3 & 4, 2019

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Designing for Canada’s Medical Marijuana Industry – Business Opportunity or Commercial Kryptonite?

Tyler Gilchrist is VP of Design Research & Strategy at figure3, the Toronto-based design consultancy that has developed a reputation for designing exceptional workplaces, retail and residential spaces, inspired by their stated purpose of changing how people think, feel, decide and behave.

With the legalization of medical marijuana shortly becoming a reality in Canada, the team at figure3 has had the rare opportunity to design a medical marijuana dispensary that is now fully operational in Florida.

Tyler has been studying applied design research methods for close to two decades while working with a diverse group of architecture, design and research firms. His job at figure3 is to leverage the new science of how we experience the built environment – through the application of ‘generative design research’ – in order to help designers and their clients better understand the people we design for. His expertise has been applied to a diverse roster of clients; from one of Canada’s largest employers to the nascent cannabis industry, businesses of all sizes are eager to understand how to leverage his insights to create designed environments that really connect with end users.

This seminar is IDCEC approved for one hour.


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