APRIL 28 & 29, 2021

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Art by Richard A. Posa

by Sculptor Richard A. Posa

In 2018 Richard rescued a 6ft diameter Maple log destined for firewood. THE STRUGGLE GROWS is the name of the first piece from that log. It shows the first two branches growing from the same tree in total conflict and yet growing to become one. The patterns and struggles Richard discovered reminded him of a new interest in Biomimicry and how we can mimic natures ways to help solve some of our modern industrious state of being.



One day in the early spring of 2003, Richard salvaged his first log. It was lying still, unwanted and rotting away. He always loved working with wood and had done many projects with it but never looked at it as a medium to obsess over.  Until one day he cut into a 4ft diameter by 10ft long maple log with his little 16" chainsaw. When it fell to the ground, on a thick bed of shavings, it revealed the beautiful colour, flowing natural lines and patterns inside. Richard was hooked!

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